Successful Corona relaunch of NADELWELT Karlsruhe

The joy and relief at the successful relaunch of NADELWELT Karlsruhe was clearly evident to everyone involved. After a forced break of two and a half years, the Karlsruhe trade fair was once again all about fabric, needles, wool & co.

The scepticism in the run-up to the fair was not small: could a large and international handicrafts fair succeed in times of Corona? Would there be enough exhibitors and visitors? Is it possible to enjoy a creative and inspiring atmosphere when masks have to be worn? The answer to all these questions was a resounding yes when the fair closed on Sunday.

NADELWELT 2021 attracted around 7,000 visitors to the exhibition centre in Karlsruhe. In compliance with all officially prescribed hygiene and safety regulations, 22 textile art exhibitions, 96 national and international commercial exhibitors, 28 workshops for spontaneous participation as well as 24 course offerings on the separate conference level made the hearts of all needlework enthusiasts beat faster.

Even though the event was noticeably smaller than in the pre-Corona era, with this new start NADELWELT once again underlined its claim to be the leading pure handicrafts event in Germany.

3 days of time for intensive occupation with one's own hobby, 3 days full of creativity, 3 days of focus on a textile world of fabrics, cuts, wool and everything the needlework heart desires. It was time for a new start and time for a step towards normality. Everyone agreed on this. We are very happy that this was so successful at NADELWELT Karlsruhe 2021.

Impressions NADELWELT Karlsruhe 2021

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| 07. - 09. Okt 2022